Boiler Servicing- Keep Your Boiler Running

The gas boiler is one of the essential parts of your sweet home. For keeping you away from cold and keeping your water hot, you have to depend on the boiler system. With this consideration, we have started proving exclusive service in East London for gas plumbing services and boiler installation, replacement and servicing. Regular servicing and health checkup keeps the boiler fit and gives longer life.

Inspection and troubleshooting

As soon as you call us or book our inspection, we visit the site in a given period. We never make late for emergency services. All our technicians are gas safe certified and therefore you will enjoy assured service for confident use. When your system is running, you need to have proper servicing in time so that your system runs well at the same state. We try to find fault to the entire system including gas supply, heating chamber, boiler system, etc. if a little bit issues found, they are solved immediately so that the system works perfectly as it was new.

Why checkups and servicing are required?

When a boiler is proving service to you for a long time, it is sure that the boiler machine and its adjacent appliances will take some issues. The gas supply, gas plumbing, boiler chamber and main body of the system may be affected being in touch with the water and heat. Moreover, water-soluble salts also affect the entire system. The regular health checkups and surviving keep the entire system well-run and the longevity of the boiler enhances many times.

The covered areas under servicing

We checkup the entire chimney structure, inspect and if necessary, we take the cleaning action for it. The combustion chamber, burner, heat exchanger, ignition system, spark light, flame sensing, etc. have been thoroughly checked up and if slight deformities found, we try to revive them as it was before.

Gasket and sealing integrity checkup

We always follow the instruction of the manufacturer so that your system works efficiently without getting extra worry for our boiler service. We measure the operating pressure, ventilation, flue, etc. and validate the current status with the standard operation of the system. We bring the boiler to its standard state for its confident use.

We also accomplish an analysis of the combustion and its tolerance with the system. After all, testing carried out; we certify the system to use seamlessly.

So, it is time for you to enjoy spontaneous service by taking our standard servicing.


Kudos to Elite Gas Care Services! We were thinking about the installation of a boiler for our entire house. They have suggested the right one having all modern facilities. Their installation is perfect and error-free. We have received excellent after services as well.

Luke Benzamin

Highly experienced and skilled technicians kept the mark of skillful jobs in every step. They have delicately observed after the final finish. We have received after-sale service as well. Highly recommendable job!.

Jason Smith

Elite Gas Care is a professional and service-oriented. After having done our gas plumbing and other related installation services, we are confident about the entire service. They have provided after-check certificates as well. I am highly satisfied.

Lesley Frank

Elite Gas Care has all you need for boiler installations and servicing. You’ll get professional technicians to visit your home, assess your infrastructure and give you a cost-effective solution for your home’s heating. We also provide boiler installations and cooker installations.


We supply a range of brands here at Elite Gas Care and are experts in installing all types and brands of boiler, heating and cooking equipment. All our technicians are registered under the Gas Safe Register. For our cooker installation services just give us a quick call or email and we can discuss the specifics of your job.


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