Boiler Repairs E14 and E1

Is the boiler not performing well? Are you facing some issues while operating your gas and gas-run appliances like boiler? Is your boiler not supplying the right heat for not having subsequent gas supply? If any of the questions answers yes, you must check up the health of your gas plumbing service as well as the boiler’s health. We, Elite Gas Care have the entire occupancy in all the gas plumbing as well as the boiler systems of all kinds.

Regular health checkups

Gas plumbing and boiler system should always be checked up for obtaining its optimum output. The regular health checks up always keep you in confident of all the gas supply channels and its related appliances. In the case of the boiler, you may face gas related issues or other issues as well.

  • We follow the steps of boiler health checkups
  • Visual health checkups about the boiler and its flame
  • We try to check up through the chimney internally and externally
  • We check up the operating pressure supplied to the gas-burning point
  • The sealed boiler is opened to visualize and justify whether the components inside working perfectly or not
  • The main issuing components are a burner, main injector, heat exchanger, spark and sensors, etc. are thoroughly checked up
  • We also follow whether the entire process is going faultlessly
  • As soon as the faults found, we take care of the specific section and engineers work on it immediately


Why Elite Gas Service is great among others

  • We have gas safe certified engineers who take care of the entire process
  • Provide the exclusive service on your Boiler Repair by veteran experts
  • Observation service after repair work is done
  • Low cost high efficient service
  • We confirm the charge before operating and we never charge extra
  • On-time servicing and no lagging
  • Emergency call out service

We provide the service to the entire east London and adjacent surrounding locations. This is your turn. When will we get your call?


Kudos to Elite Gas Care Services! We were thinking about the installation of a boiler for our entire house. They have suggested the right one having all modern facilities. Their installation is perfect and error-free. We have received excellent after services as well.

Luke Benzamin

Highly experienced and skilled technicians kept the mark of skillful jobs in every step. They have delicately observed after the final finish. We have received after-sale service as well. Highly recommendable job!.

Jason Smith

Elite Gas Care is a professional and service-oriented. After having done our gas plumbing and other related installation services, we are confident about the entire service. They have provided after-check certificates as well. I am highly satisfied.

Lesley Frank

Elite Gas Care has all you need for boiler installations and servicing. You’ll get professional technicians to visit your home, assess your infrastructure and give you a cost-effective solution for your home’s heating. We also provide boiler installations and cooker installations.


We supply a range of brands here at Elite Gas Care and are experts in installing all types and brands of boiler, heating and cooking equipment. All our technicians are registered under the Gas Safe Register. For our cooker installation services just give us a quick call or email and we can discuss the specifics of your job.


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